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Pianoguide.org is an organization created to guide pianists and future pianists in piano selection as well as performance advice and other piano related questions.  These issues have been discussed by concert pianists and technicians as well as salespeople in the music field.  We will update this site in real time as changes occur in the piano industry.  The ability to update quickly will hopefully make this site a more valuable tool than a book that may take years to get into publication, making much of the information outdated.   Thank you and enjoy this comprehensive web-site and its links.

Piano Basics - Essential building blocks of the piano will be discussed in this Website.  What makes one piano different from another, and things to look for when considering a purchase.  How often and why to tune your piano.  Please check out all 5 pages of our website, links are indicated on the top of the site. Piano Basics 101, How to Buy, Piano Ratings, and Piano Care.